Monday, December 20, 2010


(I've wrote this some time ago when I realized that I am the one that's been wrong, I just let my emotion control of my life)

We are such a good friend
We were very close one
But in time,
Differences came,
Bringing us both,
One way that split up,
I told you to be strong,
While you're alone, told me...
I've discovered another things,
Where I must go on,
you, you're someone again,
Building strong faith,
Saving others,
Discovering the mystery,
I adored you, 
If I were there beside you,
I knew...that...
Never mind...
We're too different,
Even too different to know,
each other...
It's really really enough,
As an ordinary friend,
Or a best friend I think...
We can be trusted one,
But we didn't wanna be,
Because both of us,
Never realize the meaning of friendship..

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