Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Such a story this year, well, when I was still a small kid, all I know about Christmas was to decorate Christmas Tree, receiving lots and lots of present, and have fun. But I've grown up now, and that's not what Christmas. To all my catholic fellows, we are praising for God for this wonderful day because Lord Jesus came to Earth, born by Virgin Mary. Such a special day c:


For this Christmas, everyone makes their preparation, decorating our house is what I like the most, hee:) Shopping, baking cookies, and lot more, All my cousins, near and far, will be going back to Ranau and celebrate together, I'm so sad that my families couldn't make it, too many work to be done in our place too, My brother and sister both will sing the Psalm for this Christmas and I will be the collectors c: 


Well, this year, Lots of story I think, happen to me, and to all my friend, truly, I'm sorry, I knew that I am too much different this year, and I hate the difference, I really hate it, but what can I do, that is me, even if it's not who I am. I'll promise, next year, I've changed my life. I hold my word c:


Thank you to all my friends that always be there for me, through all this time, I knew I've done so much rouble to you guys, and you all were still there standing beside me, to give me help. Thank you, will always cherished this life, I have been offered.


Merry Christmas.

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