Monday, December 20, 2010


This year was some nostalgia filled in our life... Lot's of comedy and tragedy happened... This year, I made a lot of friends, and forever will I cherished that....


Madai: coolest person in class, shy sometimes, class monitor of ours!
Lesya: when she laughs out loud, she will look like a freak girl that just can't stop laughing!
Pinky: how to say, the big-teeth guy, funny sometimes, and weird!
Husna: smartest, what more to say?, Nice, Clever, Beautiful? Hee:)
Sharinna: quiet girl, but fun to be friend with
Eva: the round girl,hee:) Friendliest girl in the class!
Jadul: the clown in class-lately, he change a lot, more nicer I think,
Datu: smallest boy in class, fun to play with
Baby_O: KPOP lover!! nice friend,
Syerah: the model in the class
Fizah: Shy-est girl, friendly, and if she L.O.L, the worlds goes around!

Ester: Most swing girl, fun to be played with!
PyQuk::Nice, always have food to give to her friend, hee:)

Paje':nice, trying to find her personality I think:)
Yayan: Understanding and fun to played with
Yvonnie: really is a mother nature, mama birdy:)!
Adeline: dunno, shes a nice friend of mine
LeyLa: small, but when she shout, !!!!!!!!!!!
Doll_E: she's my friend, she's nice!!
Wanna: weirdest person in class, & fun to play with!!
Ayeng: understanding, nice friend:)
Durrah: nice, friends of course!
Pote': Fun-ny friend, potatomato!
Nabz: Nice, funny!
Anatz: nice friend of ours, :)
Hadi: big boy, shiny eyes, innershine:)!
Afnan: joke!! always makes us laugh, laugh, and laugh!

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