Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Holy Week, The GOOD FRIDAY

29 March :D As usual, every year on Good Friday we, the Catholics will pray the Way Of The Cross at the hill, usually every hill got a cemetery. And ours, called the Butur. I always wanted to experience hiking at Tivung's Hill, but naaa, it's a bit far.

And after the prayer finished, me and my mom will clean up my little brother and sister's grave, yeah. I have two lil bro and sis that can't join us grow up ; Lord loves them both more :D

Dear lil' sis, if you were still here, I could play all day with you,  playing with your hair, helping you with PMR,  it's 15 years since you left us:D will always love you our dear Maria:D

Grandpa, though I never saw you, since you did not manage to see me born, but  you'll always be in my heart :D LOVES:D

Matthias:! My little brother:D yeah, this year you're suppose to take your UPSR right? ahaha. Well, you are safe now up there:D Much loves from me:D

Happy Blessed Good Friday.

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