Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nature, I keep my promise

Once, I lift up my head,
Facing this world with all might I have,
Something tells me I gonna be strong,
Taking my steps it's not gonna be long,
In my hand, I hold my faith and my word,
And always, everything that I hold,
Will be in the name of God,
Word's can't bring me down,
Even the disagrees have lost it's count,
Every steps that I take,
Will be the greatest pleasure that I could make,
This world is so wide,
And I will never hide,
I never forget what my parents have said,
My faith and hope will never fade,
All of us, someday will die,
Before that, at least once, I'll try to fly,
I never fall by those wicked,
Even if I know that I am weak,
I don't have magic or any weapon,
All of that will never happen,
I can fight all the dangers easily,
And passed them so freely,
I'm not strong, I'm just an ordinary human,
But I always appreciate what I had been given,
Even if neither me, you or them can't see Him by our sight,
But always and forever be, Lord always by your side.

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