Sunday, December 12, 2010


talk about friends....friends is the most valuable ones in our life....We all have friends, but friends will always just be friends....but true friends will always be there for you...and it's hard to find... They were like half of your life and they will help you throughout your life....

Hmmm... this things always happen in friendship... It's not good, it makes our bond of friendship broke or loosen. But if friends understand each other, they can overcome this.. We just need to believe and trust what we have in our life.. We can't just simply mad for something which we don't know if it's really like that, or not...

yes,'s really something with accepting....sometimes, we feel jealous if our friends, are close with other friends or if they have another best friends other than us.... We have to accept it...we can't control others' life and we can't just simply want them like how we want them to be... jealousy is really evil... it can lead us to "hate our B.F.F"....So....try to accept because, what more to say??? More friends, more fun it will be!!!

Backstabbing is not a good thing to do... It's really, really hurting someones life when they, your best friend knew that we talk bads about them with other people... So try not to truly understand each other people... If we're not sure... ask them. Conversation is important. We need to truly understand each other's life and their personality before we could make any decision about them.

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