Wednesday, May 29, 2013

55 Ways to Get Peace of Mind Right Now

HEY PEEPS, check this out, bet you guys wanna try it:D

1. Breathe in four counts, hold your breath four counts, and exhale four counts. Repeat.
2. Take a pen and write out your thoughts until you go blank.
3. List three unrealistic expectations and let one of them go.
4. Accept that life is difficult.
5. Commit to putting forth your very best effort today, tomorrow, and forever.
6. Write down your top 3 greatest blessings in life.
7. Tell a friend or loved one how much he or she means to you.
8. Sit on your porch, do nothing, and resolve to do it more often.
9. Give yourself permission to do nothing for a while.
10. Stare at clouds for a few minutes.
11. Float above your life in your mind’s eye.
12. Expand your physical vision to include the periphery, and just notice everything for a few minutes.
13. Give five bucks to a charity.
14. Imagine a protective bubble all around you.
15. Place your hand over your heart and feel it beat. Be glad to be alive.
16. Dry skin brush!
17. Make a choice to have a positive attitude, no matter what, for the rest of the day.
18. Be grateful that you don’t always get what you want.
19. Think about what you would do with your life if you knew you’d never be rich.
20. Let your body do whatever it wants for a minute (nothing illegal, please).
21. Smell a fresh flower, deeply.
22. Listen to your inner critic as if you were best friends.
23. Notice where you are holding tension in your body, make it more tense, and then relax.
24. Tap on your upper check bone for a few seconds (either side).
25. Go outside and touch something 100% natural. Really feel the texture.
26. Look around you and quietly label each object you see. Realize how simple things really are.
27. Smile the goofiest smile in the world, imagining how you look.
28. Think of a difficult problem while listening to inner clown music.
29. Ground yourself. Imagine roots extending beneath your feet to the center of the earth. You are connected to the planet.
30. Hum a deep, slow hummmmmmm….
31. Give yourself a scalp massage with all 10 fingers and really feel it.
32. Realize you will always possess your greatest personal strength.
33. Count from 10 backwards to 1, hearing an imaginary echo after each count.
34. Feel the bare earth beneath your feet and realize it is holding you.
35. Practice thought labeling: say to yourself, “I am having the thought….” Wait for a thought. Repeat. (This is my personal favorite peace of mind technique.)
36. Resolve to stop fixing other people.
37. Stop pretending you don’t care what other people think!
38. Decide to say no.
39. Decide to make others earn your trust.
40. Write a list of every problem that worries you. Then, filter out the ones that aren’t really your responsibility or under your control.
41. Hydrate (dehydration causes stress).
42. Choose to live within your means.
43. Understand the difference between your wants and needs.
44. Sincerely apologize to (you know who).
45. Ponder the vastness of the universe and realize how small your troubles are.
46. Give up the pursuit of that quick fix for a challenging problem and commit to solving it at a deeper level.
 (46. Give up that get-rich-quick scheme, too.)
47. Spend some no-agenda time with a child.
48. Listen to white noise and notice how relaxing it is.
49. Write down the best piece of advice you have ever gotten and apply it.
50.  Brush your dog.
51. Close your eyes and allow the sunshine to warm your eyelids.
52. Give yourself the freedom to admit when you’re wrong.
53. Look at other people and realize they are people just like you — with their own hopes, dreams, fears, and struggles.
54. Accept that there will always be someone richer, smarter, and more X….
55. Decide to save money for the rest of your life.

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