Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Big Fight

Well, I decided to post this under the title of The Big Fight because of a really big fight, well it's not really a fight, but a tragedy between me, and someone.

Ever wonder how a person, whom you called your best friend, your siblings, your close one, your trusted one, which you are both live crazily like usual in a moment, and suddenly, just so suddenly, become a total stranger in the next moment. It happened , just like that. Well, I experienced that, and it's totally awful.

You don't know who is wrong or right, and both just let it be. No one ever dare to start a conversation, no one even dare to say sorry, The fact that both really don't know what to be sorry for.

And well, life changed this year. Seriously. As for me, I really don't care at all. Not that I am being evil, but let's just say, I really don't want to get attached to anyone this year.

Learned to expect less, so that you won't feel hurt. Keep that in mind.

I'm so sorry, but sometimes you have to change the way you used to be. And some people might just can't make it to your future. There are always the reasons behind that.

That how life works, right?

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