Friday, August 31, 2012


OHMAIGAAASH. What to do?

LOL. seriously;

Recently, several people bash/talk bad/insult/whatever about me, as a CONTACT LENS WEARER FOR FUN:)

And they say my eyes will going to be red/infected/got worms/lol.

Probably, I will be blinded by now if I didn't take care of my eyes.
I mean, did you guys saw my eyes infected or whatsoever, I've been wearing contact lens for 2 months now; and nothing happen to my eyes okay, SIHAT WALAFIAT SAJA.

I clearly state here;
I follow the precaution on how to care your contact; I NEVER USE ANY SOLUTION TWICE,
I wash it every single time I wear, and I follow the validity period;

And to them that always read articles on the internet, don't believe it fully. The pictures they tag me, so not logic!; how can you wear contact lens, you got infection, and the eye ball is gone, and a lot of worms inside the eye. lol. For me, it's photoshoped or anything, nothing to do contact lens.

For the contact lens user;
:Please follow the direction and precaution before you want to wear it;
:Follow the validity, don't extend your time to use it after expired, it will cause a major infection to the eyes;
:Change the solution after every single use,
:Don't wear it to sleep time, it may cause a sight loss.

Sincerely, Erick.


  1. You need to learn proper English if you want people to take you seriously. Bad language + Bad logic = please dont post.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I know that I'm still a teenagers who have bad grammars, but people could understand what I'm trying to say; or is it just you who tries to irritate me. So sorry. peace:D

    1. Muaha! Nice. I'd like to wear lends but i'm a bit scared o.o

    2. Hye Maria, well, spectacles are better, you need to take good care your hygiene if you want to wear lens. p/s : sorry I just saw this post today:D

  3. Recently, several people have been bashing/insulting me about my being a contact lens wearer for aesthetic purposes.

    They said my eyes would get red/become infected/grow worms/lol.

    I would probably be blind by now if I didn’t take care of my eyes. Have you ever seen my eyes infected? I’ve been wearing contact lenses for 2 months and nothing has happened to my eyes, okay?

    I clearly stated: “I follow the precautions to care for my contacts”. I never use the cleaning solution more than once, I wash my contacts before each use, and I throw them away at the recommended intervals.

    And to those reading articles from the internet, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Others tagged me in the photo, it is not me. How can a person go from wearing contacts to an infection, a missing eye, and worms inside the eye socket? I believe the picture is photoshoped.

    For the contact lens user:
    :Please follow the directions and observe the precautions before using contacts.
    :Follow the replacement intervals. Don't use contacts after they have expired, you will get a major infection in your eyes.
    :Don’t reuse cleaning solution.
    :Don't wear contacts to sleep, it may cause a blindness.

    Sincerely, Erick.

  4. Erick, I posted the correction above. Your English is not bad but I wanted to help you in a constructive way. Don't listen to assholes who criticize you in a negative way.

    Good luck
    -A fellow Catholic

    1. Dear anonymous, I'm so glad that you corrected my English. Thank you so much, God Bless:) I've improved so much now :) Thanks

  5. Look, i've been wearing contacts for 17 yrs. where I've been sleeping with them in every night and all and I've been just fine. It's all about genetics in terms of your immune system so if I was you I wouldn't stress importance of cleaning your contact lens until you asses yourself how your eye's health reacts to different conditions of its environment regarding contacts. Take it from me, I've been wearing contacts that expired since 2008 for the last few years. They are disposables meant to be replaced every 2 weeks and i'll wear 'em for months. The only time i take 'em to clean is when I don't want to threw them away just yet after they mildly bothered my eye so i'll soak 'em and put 'em back in. And yes they will mildly bother my eye from time to time but nothing more than just a little redness that practically instantly goes away after the contact's out. and been wearing contacts like this for a straight 17 yrs. Just see whats best for you is all im saying.

  6. yeah. thats correction; I started wearing them at 15yrs old and not 16 so I would be 18yrs contact user. Sorry about that.

  7. Have you ever thought that this could be caused from those fancy contacts like the cats eye, solid black, etc that you buy cheap at off the wall stores and the internet... I don't think they are saying contacts that you get a prescription for. Obviously if you don't clean them, they will get infected and could cause bacteria or even worm infections.

  8. easy to say is to be more careful if u want to be safe and for those who are a regular lenses users, u know what is the best for u.. n yes i do agreed with the cheap lenses that should be avoided. peace :)