Sunday, April 8, 2012

a word to all of them:

#Please change your point of view to me; everything change, people DO change;

#Though you think I'm a always-cry boy, within this heart, there's strength.

#Sweet? That's what you called it? I called it sin.

#Use 'geniuses' wisely, seriously.

#I miss everything, everything when we were all there.

#Don't bear in mind that every song I sing is sarcasm; I'm just expressing my mood;

#I know, I knew, I don't belong with you three, but it doesn't mean I say this to hate them.

#Yepp, I'm weak, So you taking this chances to hurt me?

#Everyone has their own story in life, so why bother changing my story path?

YOU DON'T KNOW. simply because I smiled.

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