Monday, February 6, 2012


Okay, SO:) As this one little 'cute' friend requested, my first post will be about him:) Read this:)

I like this pic by me:) #SyahmiLaughing
He is Syahmi. My classmate during form 1:) Forever Delta:) HEHE:
He is a very naughty kid, Lazy, and noisy.
I really hate him before, but somehow I got to be his friend:

Something unique about him, I don't know how to explain.
He is an outgoing person, happening, crazy, cute too: haha.

Best moment: During the Binsulok vacation:) He is the LEADER OF CHALET 6:) Best chalet ever:) He really is one responsible boy there.. Miss that moment so much.

Now, we're not schoolmate anymore, I'm SMESHIAN: He is LA SALLE's. I didn't manage to say goodbye.
Please don't forget me.

Sincerely, Erick.

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