Thursday, February 23, 2012

spending time:

Today's post:

Hye bloggers; just finding some time to write something; (currently BM's class; finished my work already)

This week seems so busy, plus stress, sad, social problem, urrgghh....
Sometimes like I want to give up, but God's with me. I always grateful for Him.

ADDMATHS: for sure, it's a one tough subject . Sometimes I gave up doing this work, but my friends managed to help me. Thanks: haha.

2 words my friends reminded me the other night;

"Tyme form 4 baru kita tahu siapa kawan sebenar kita" 

"Begitulah manusia, buat baik dipertikai, buat jahat dipertikai "

It's a bit sad how friends; will only share happiness during the good times, 
while left you during the sad times.

It's hard to find someone who will stick with you through thick and thin; Be grateful if you found one; where you cherish the happy moments that you have. 


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