Friday, December 9, 2011


Okay, so this will be the last post about Binsulok trip, which I'm gonna miss. As usual, I woke up the earliest, hee:P and I told them to go to their prayer, and to my excitement, I don't get scared when they all left me alone in the Chalet, I just sit at the center of the Master Bed and doing nothing until they came back, HAHA:P

Walking around the resort to wake my friends

Amir and the "only morning bloom" flower:)

Clarra and me, during the morning warm up 

See this, ain't it beautiful:)

Me:) Looking at the wide ocean:)

Amir, and the poor jelly fish

Me, Helmi and Ismail with the cute jelly fish:)

Me and Dolleye:) L.O.V.E

e.r.i.c.K! hee:) I'll fight for my PMR!

We are ready to jump:)!

(Irsyad's slipper) Bye bye Binsulok, till we meet again..

So this is probably the biggest memory of me with my friend. as this makes me so close to them, surely I'll cherish this moment, and I'll never forget each of them, always..

Chalet 6 mate miss ya' Syahmi-Ketua chalet:), Amir, Razi, Irsyad, Azrul, Erick:)

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