Friday, November 25, 2011

TRIP TO BINSULOK 19 Sept 2011: Day 1


As I knew, this is one of the best trip ever in my life: as this one really opens my heart to my friend, teachers, and LIFE

At first, I’m not an “open to everyone” type, as I only focus in my class. When we (3 Alpha) will go with (3 Delta), I was like, how will I communicate with them, I’m not close with them: and so I try. And I realize, we all are the same, we’’re one for all, we’re one heart. And this will be memories that makes me cry: I will forever love this

Chalet mate: room 6 (The best room of all)

-Erick Miseh
-Amir Azfar
-Syahmi Taufiq
-Razi Umar
-Irsyad Said
-Azrul Amri

Here, I learn, how and what true friends is, how to be nice, how to live with each other, every morning, we ran and smiles for this beautiful days and run to the beach: some of the best moments:)


The first day, we packed everything, wearing orange outing shirt:) and start our journey around 9.00 a.m. We are forbidden to bring more than two bag: and so I put some of my staff in Irsyad's bag:)

Syahmi, Reitz, Jadul, Me:) Having 'ss' time

3 Alpha and 3 Delta PMR candidates!!:)

Ready to start leaving:):)SMILE

Nesea and Perez in front of us:)

Jordan and me:) (self taking pics)

After an hour, we all got sleepy, nope, except me:) ahaha

And about 12.00 p.m we reached the place, it was so far inside the village but near the beautiful sea:)

Yeay, at last, we're here!

Beatiful resort, peace:)


Chalet 6, the BEST chalet in here, which is ours!!!

Reitz, Perez, Rahmat, Razi, Faris, Me and Jon:)

<3 my friend

Jordan, Syahmi, Jon, Perez, Azrul and Faris:)

Having fun before lunch:)


Dolleye!! Still hungry?? hee

Elsa, Dolleye and Amy:)

Caesearianney, Adeline, Fifi, Elvie and Nancy:)

Clarra, Nesea, Syafiqah and Amirah:)

Syafiqqa, Balkis, Nabilah Syafawati, Siti Azeyana, Noraini and Asiah:)

Reitz, Syahmi:) Checking out the chalets

Chalet 6:):):)

After a short break, we went to the hall and start our very first slot, which is Geography lessson:)
Then, after 2 hours, we had been given permission to go play:) yeah!!
Reitz, Irsyad and Jordan:)

Me, tryin' to find inspiration, while drinking Justea:)

Playing volleyball:)

Me and Dolleye, watching them playing

Helmi, enjoying?? haha:)

Reitz, having too much fun...

Ismail got the ball:)

Roger, Jon and Jadul:):):)

Nancy, Clarra and Nesea enjoying the place:)

Razi and Syahmi:) Dinner:


walking by the sea:)

eating eating:)

Caesearianney and Nancy:)

Dolleye looking tired

Nesea and Dolleye: and Azrul at the back



And we continue our next slot, got so tired. We all got back to our own chalet, And have a good sleep:)
Continue to DAY 2:)

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